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If it feels like everyone you know is starting a side business, you're right.

And that number keeps rising. 50 million people - a great majority of who want to sell their goods, services, ideas online.

Guess what online business owners need?

Websites. Photos. Photos for their websites.

And, right now, there aren’t nearly enough brand photographers to keep up with demand. How do I know? Because I get messages on the daily from business owners all over the country who can’t find a brand photographer in their area.

“Hey, photographers! They’re looking, but they can’t find you!”

If you’ve been wondering what the hottest market in photography is - you heard it here.

Want to be the go-to brand photographer in your area?

Then you’re in the right place.

*It may be more, it may be less. Whatever it is, it's still a shit ton of people who need you.

meet heidi

As a personal branding photographer and business coach my mission is to help you sell yourself to the world authentically so you can be more profitable doing what you love, finding and working with brand photography clients.

Whether you’re…

  • A burnt out wedding and family photographer who would love to start shooting personal brand clients - but aren’t sure how to make the transition.

  • A new photographer looking to break into the brand photography industry.

  • Want to learn how to effectively price, package and most importantly FIND brand photography clients. Where are they hiding?

  • Are a creative type who loves the photography world but feels overwhelmed and confused by the “biz” side of your business.

I’m here to help. 


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the business of brand photography

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Brand Photography Markets You’re Ignoring

My Secret to Finding Glamorous Photoshoot Locations

Mistakes New Brand Photographers are Making

Heidi taught me how to be found online by my ideal clients. And that is gold. A firm believer in an abundance mindset, Heidi is a fountain of information which she shared freely...
— Carrie Roseman, Photographer - Mystic, CT

praise for heidi


I loved this course! Heidi holds nothing back and generously shares her extensive knowledge of every aspect of personal branding photography. Tons of useable content and advice, incredible expert guest speakers, and loads of live instruction gave me everything I hoped for and more. If you're looking to kick-start your PBP business, this is the place to start.


Shout out to the most amazing Heidi Hapanowicz who is the most validating person! If you are a photographer struggling with business or just wanting clarity on your plan, she is your woman. She offers a “pick your brain session” something everyone should be doing! Thank you so much for our session! I’ve been having a waterfall of ideas since Monday!

— Cat Vibert - Photographer - Denver, Colorado


For photographers out there on the fence about this Heidi Hapanowicz is an amazing teacher/coach. Her strategy session was FULL of useful tasks and not just full of fluff. I HIGHLY recommend her! When someone of her skill and expertise opens her time up for strategy session it would be silly not to take it! Heidi, a lot of people are promoting regurgitated strategies, you customized our session. I appreciate that! 

- Ajani Truth, Photographer


Heidi’s course has gotten me to move forward and get things done! Heidi is an industry Pro so all the information and insights are invaluable. I booked clients that I never would have been able to before this course. It has helped me way beyond just photography, but personally as well. I feel significantly more confident as a photographer and business owner!

— Carolina Bautista - Photographer - Miami, Florida


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