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If it feels like everyone you know is starting a side business, you're right.

And that number keeps rising. 50 million people - a great majority of who want to sell their goods, services, ideas online.

Guess what online business owners need?

Websites. Photos. Photos for their websites.

And, right now, there aren’t nearly enough brand photographers to keep up with demand. How do I know? Because I get messages on the daily from business owners all over the country who can’t find a brand photographer in their area.

“Hey, photographers! They’re looking, but they can’t find you!”

If you’ve been wondering what the hottest market in photography is - you heard it here.

Want to be the go-to brand photographer in your area?

Then you’re in the right place.

*It may be more, it may be less. Whatever it is, it's still a shit ton of people who need you.


meet heidi

I didn’t grow up thinking “I want to be brand photographer one day…”

I wanted to be (in no particular order) an architect, a stockbroker, a real-estate agent, Mrs. Richie Sambora, and a truck-driving hairdresser traveling around the country helping people look beautiful - interestingly, this one may be the closest to my current occupation.  

I started my photography journey shooting boudoir.   In an effort to grow my own business, I dug deeper and deeper into the online marketing world and quickly became obsessed. Over a period of about 3 years I took close to 100 online classes (you read that right) on everything from web-design to branding to Facebook ads (with an occasional "How to Read Your Own Astrology Chart" thrown in for good measure).

In 2014 I started shooting brand photography and have never looked back.

I created the Business of Brand Photography to give you the tools you need to become the go-to personal brand photographer in your area! At the time there were very few photographers shooting branding so I had to learn along the way.

Since 2014 I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and students on almost every continent . I’ve spent summers in Greece, London, New York, Paris, Malta combining my love of travel with my work!


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the business of brand photography

an online course for professional photographers

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“I’d been following Heidi’s work for a few years before I decided to work one on one to take my business to the next level….she personalized marketing and strategy in a way that made sense to me.”

Monique Floyd, Photographer NC

praise for heidi


For photographers out there on the fence about this Heidi Hapanowicz is an amazing teacher/coach. Her strategy session was FULL of useful tasks and not just full of fluff. I HIGHLY recommend her! When someone of her skill and expertise opens her time up for strategy session it would be silly not to take it! Heidi, a lot of people are promoting regurgitated strategies, you customized our session. I appreciate that! 

- Ajani Truth, Photographer


Heidi’s course has gotten me to move forward and get things done! Heidi is an industry Pro so all the information and insights are invaluable. I booked clients that I never would have been able to before this course. It has helped me way beyond just photography, but personally as well. I feel significantly more confident as a photographer and business owner!

— Carolina Bautista - Photographer - Miami, Florida


Shout out to the most amazing Heidi Hapanowicz who is the most validating person! If you are a photographer struggling with business or just wanting clarity on your plan, she is your woman. She offers a “pick your brain session” something everyone should be doing! Thank you so much for our session! I’ve been having a waterfall of ideas since Monday!

— Cat Vibert - Photographer - Denver, Colorado

It was a serious epiphany for me - to learn that my website should not just be somewhere potential clients go to see my work, but that my website should be a sales tool. And about how linking everything from social media to google to my blog to my newsletter should all funnel back to and through the website. I learned more about seo and the importance of tags and how to use key words that people are actually searching for.

In short, Heidi taught me how to be found online by my ideal clients. And that is gold. A firm believer in an abundance mindset, Heidi is a fountain of information which she shared freely. And she’s so giving, in fact, that she spent some extra one-on-one time with me just to go through my website and help me add in an email opt-in.

I am in such gratitude for the attention and knowledge that she gave us. We also had a portfolio shooting day with several real clients, with hair and makeup, wardrobe, and beautiful locations. This was amazing!! A real up level for my branding portfolio.

I highly recommend Heidi’s workshops. And I really did learn so much that I took my bra off!!! Which is something I actually did and said at the workshop. Thank you, Heidi!!!
— Carrie Roseman, Photographer - Mystic, CT

“Heidi is incredible! I launched my FIRST online product and made over $30,000! To say I was in shock is an understatement! If Heidi tells you to do something, trust her! Don’t make excuses (like I did for too long!) Just listen and take action. She knows her stuff. And I have all of the dollars in the bank to prove it! ”

- Jackie Riley - Makeup Artist & Lifestyle Blogger


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