Tampa Photoshoot Hot Spots

Tampa Hot Spots for Photographers

As a personal brand photographer based out of Tampa I get a lot of clients who want to fly down to this up and coming area for their photos in the winter months. Not only are they escaping the cold, but they’re also exploring these great cities of the Bay. A lot of times photographers get burnt out when it comes to shooting at the same 3-5 locations. Let’s mix it up so you’re not bored, and your portfolio shows diversity. You can get a cool international feel for your images without ever having to pull out your passport.

Here are my Top 10 Tampa Bay Hot Spots for photographers!

Ybor City (7th Ave. /Centro Ybor)- Ybor has so much history and that can easily come out when shooting in this part of the city. Whether you’re shooting on the Trolley or up against some cool graffiti art, this area is for sure to never disappoint.

Thai Temple - A beautiful and serene place that instantly makes you feel Zen. Thai Temple is a hidden gem, that not many Tampa Bay residents know of. The Thai Community in the Tampa Bay area opens it Temple grounds each Sunday morning for a market. Guests can purchase great Thai food, orchids and enjoy the beautiful and exotic scenery along the Palm River. If you’re a brand photographer in search of something that feels a bit more “travel inspired” for a client check it out!

Downtown St. Pete- Head across the Howard Franklin bridge and you’ll instantly feel a different vibe as you make your way into downtown St. Petersburg. From waterfront views to urban neighborhoods, St. Petersburg won’t disappoint. This area offers beautiful architecture, culture, and don’t skip on the great dining experiences.


Dali Museum- This museum is one of St. Petersburg’s finest. Just the architecture alone when viewing it from the outside is stunning and like no other place on Earth. Inside offers beautiful stair cases, and natural lighting that’ll require the littlest bit of editing. Every Thursday from 5-8pm admission is only $10!

Tampa Heights- This neighborhood in Tampa has an urban/progressive vibe with just the right amount of cool. Ulele Restaurant & Brewery, and Water Works Park is right off the Riverwalk. Hidden Springs Brewery and The Hall on Franklin are also other businesses that will for sure lend to many great shots. Not to mention the insane variety of graffiti art walls all created by local artists!

Bayshore Boulevard- The views are breathtaking, and you are sure to get a fun outdoor shot right on Bayshore. It’s a 3 mile stretch with gorgeous mansions and landscaping that is so picturesque you’ll consider this #goals.

Le Meridian Hotel (Downtown Tampa)- I have shot here time and time again and not only are my clients ecstatic with how well their picture turned out, but the hotel has reposted some of my shots on their Instagram page! It’s safe to say that this place is IG worthy and then some. It’s the perfect mix of contemporary culture and a European Heritage.

Franklin Street- Up and down Franklin Street in downtown Tampa are beautiful brick roads full of old city buildings. You can get great shots in front of the Tampa Theater or the Gin Joint. Wherever you shoot, this street has got you covered when it comes to variety and charm.

Rialto Theater (Tampa Heights)-. A great shot is right in front of the blue doors of the Rialto Theater off Franklin St, you can’t miss it. It’s a beautiful event space. The texture of old brick walls, painted plaster details and blue tile work create the perfect contrast of old and new.

Foundation Coffee- Just as you walk past the blue doors on the same side of the street you’ll stumble upon Foundation coffee. They have a gorgeous outdoors seating area that brings in all the natural light while giving you simplistic decor for the perfect shot.

Hyde Park Village- The fountain is in the center of all the shops and wonderful establishments in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa. It’s a great spot to go to during the holidays. You’ll be sure to snap a great photo near the giant Christmas tree. Even apart from the breathtaking Holiday décor, this area is full of shops and beautiful spaces and places.


Oxford Exchange - From the library to the atrium to the café, this establishment is truly an experience. The grand stair case has such charm, you’ll be sure to get the perfect shot. Oxford Exchange not only has a European feel, but it also is a great spot for natural lighting. Oxford Exchange does NOT allow professional photographers to shoot there without prior permission. However, you can Instagram on your cell as much as you please and it’s definitely Insta-Worthy!

I barely recognize the city that I moved to over 20 years ago!

While you’re here, be sure to check out the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts right downtown!

Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz is a personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for online entrepreneurs.