Unlikely Brand Photo Clients

Think that the only people who need personal brand photos are high-end entrepreneurs and YouTube stars? Think again.

Here’s a quick list of the professions of some of my clients over the years:

Medicare Sales Person



Spa Owner and Employees

Yes! Even therapy dogs need headshots for their website!

Yes! Even therapy dogs need headshots for their website!

Beauty Salons

Health Coach

Restaurant Owners


Personal Trainers/Yoga Instructors

Tarot Card Reader

Psychic Medium

Content Writer

55 plus consultant

Podcast Host

Fiction Author

Construction Site

The entire board of a major payroll company

PR Agent

Web Designer

Graphic Designers

Real Estate Agents

Beauty Bloggers



Interior Designers



Head of a Non-Profit

Owner of Insurance Company

A man who runs a construction company


Biz/Resume Coach

Pharmaceutical Rep

Doctor Specializing in Autism


Functional Medicine Doctor

Forensic Psychiatrist

ER Doctor

Owner of an Etiquette Company

Branding Agent

Brand Story Tellers


Color Specialist (for skin and clothes)

Owner of a perfume company

Travel Blogger

Owner of a company that invented a pillow for women after having Brazilian Butt Implants

Women who runs a foundation for victims of sexual trafficking

Owner of a Fitness Company

Law Student

Attorney for Non-Profits


Couple’s Therapists

Pet Photographer

Therapy Dogs

Engineering Consulting Department

A Christian Author and Speaker

Online Course Creator

Mommy Bloggers

Dating Coaches


Boudoir, Family, Portrait Photographers

Retired Military

Jewelry Designers

Clothing Designers

Creative Fiction Teacher

Biz and Life Coaches

My point? Just about ANYONE who has a business today NEEDS photos for their website and social media. Start thinking outside of the box!

Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz is a personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for online entrepreneurs.