How to Add Music to Your Instagram Stories

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I add music to my Instagram stories so here’s a quick step by step for you!

How to add music to your Insta-stories

  1. Create your story (either a video or a photo) video is better bc it gives more time for the music to play!

  2. Tap the Square Smile button (see image 1 below) at the top of your story.

  3. Click on the “music” sticker option

  4. Here you’ll find thousands of songs to choose from! You can search either by the name of the song, the genre or the artist.

  5. Add the song to your story.

  6. Once you add the song, you can scroll to get the perfect lyrics to play!

Disclaimer! If you can’t see the music button you may want to update your Instagram APP. Every once in a while I find someone who despite everything cannot access THE MUSIC FUNCTION. I KNOW IT’S FRUSTRATING AND I don’t HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THIS. Sometimes it’s the area of the country you live in, SOMETIMES IT'S AN OLDER PHONE WITHOUT UPDATES, sometimes there is no known reason 🤷🏻‍♀️


How I find the perfect song for every occasion!

  • Pick a topic and make google do the work! Search for “songs with food in them” or songs with the word “October” in them. For my Budapest song I just googled “Budapest” and found the amazing George Ezra song!

  • Keep a list of song ideas and words from songs in the NOTES section on your phone. When it's time to post you'll be able to grab something quickly!

  • Just brainstorm! Spend a day listening to music, writing down lyrics and having fun. I find it really meditative!

Song Ideas - Here’s a quick list to get you started and so that you can see how I organize mine into categories.

Songs when you're having a cocktail

  • Red, red, wine - UB40

  • I drink alone - George Thorogood (yes, I've used this one 🤣)

  • Gin & Juice - Snoop Dog

Songs when your clients are getting ready with hair and makeup artist

  • Lipgloss - Lil Mama

  • Glamorous Life - Sheila E

Songs while you're at a photoshoot

  • Girls on Film by Duran, Duran

  • Freeze Frame - J Geils

Songs when you're working out or exercising

  • Physical - Olivia Newton John

  • Kanye West - The New Workout Plan "all the mocha lattes, you gotta do Pilates"

  • Lose Yourself - Eminem

Songs for morning coffee/sunrise

  • Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles

  • Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze

  • The Chain - Fleetwood Mac (lyrics - listen to the wind blow, watch the sunrise...)

Songs about the summer

  • Hot Summer in the City - Lovin’ Spoonful

  • All Summer Long - Kid Rock

  • Long, Hot Summer - Keith Urban

  • Toes - Zac Brown Band

Songs for different cities

  • Spain - "Senorita" by Shawn Mendes

  • Miami - Will Smith

  • Empire State of Mind -Jay Z

  • Viva Las Vegas

  • Budapest - George Ezra

You can find songs about everything from loving your man to loving your puppy, from drinking beer on a float to drinking champagne on a yacht! There are thousands of options! Get creative and have fun!

Your challenge! Try adding music to one of your Instagram stories today then tag me @heidihapanowicz! I’d love to see what you’ve been creating!

Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz is a personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for online entrepreneurs.