How I find Glamorous Photoshoot Locations while Traveling

I admit it.  I LOVE luxury locations. When I arrive in a new city, I can't wait to push my way past the postcards, refrigerator magnets, and t-shirts to discover the hidden little gems most tourists never see.

If you're really lucky, you'll know someone well-connected, like my dear friend, Parm, who with a simple text, can have you seated next to David Beckham at the latest London hotspot or tell you where the "secret doorway" is to a magical little garden in Paris where, it's been rumored, George had his first date with Amal.

But, what if your sights are set on a dreamy photoshoot in a city halfway across the world but you don't know a single soul? 

How can you avoid fanny-pack wearing tourists photo-bombing your shoot and head somewhere a little more upscale? What if you want Conde Nast but everything around you is Cheesecake factory?

Today, I'm sharing my stupid-simple trick for finding the most incredible locations for photo shoots!  And, if you're lucky, a little celeb spotting on the side!

Step 1:  Get Inspired on Instagram. 

Fill up your feed with fashion & travel bloggers, photographers, and your favorite celebrities. The kind of people who are jet-setting around the world and hanging at the swankiest parties! 

I was recently following one of my favorite bloggers when I caught sight of this gorgeous Prosecco toast!  This place is DREAMY and it looks perfect for an upcoming shoot I'm planning for a new client!

So, how do I find out exactly where she is?

Step 2. Click on the location that your favorite Instagram blogger has checked into! 

Photoshoot-Locations-1 (1).jpg

Step 3. It will take you to a large view map!  I can see it's in Italy! Yay!

I can also see photographs of other people who have checked into this same location. Hint: This is a great way to find the "must have shots" before you even arrive! 


Step 4: Click on the pin📍 on the map and it will give you the EXACT address! 


Step 5.  Next, click on the little heart ♡ on the bottom of your screen, it will turn red ❤️ and will be saved as a "favorite place" in the map section on your phone!



Step 6.  When you arrive at your hotel, open your "map app" and give the address to an Uber driver! 




You've saved yourself DAYS of location hunting!  You can plan the PERFECT shoot, right down to the location, without ever having to leave your house!

Love tips like these? Want to learn more? My Plan Your Personal Brand Shoot is the perfect way to learn my entire step-by-step system!

Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz is a personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for online entrepreneurs.