Personal Brand Photography Markets You're Ignoring


We all know that influencers and big brands need photographs, but there are other potential clients you may not be thinking about! These clients will be the bread and butter of your day to day business. Here are a few hot niches you may have been accidentally ignoring:

1.  The 55+ consultant

These men/women have worked spent years working in corporate American but have finally left to do start their own shop - often doing consulting work.  Many of these clients know that the people hiring them are young + hip and expect them to have a great online presence.

In the past, the clients in this market didn’t have a need for an online presence as they worked for companies who had big departments handling that sort of thing. The most they ever needed was a decent headshot for LinkedIn. But times have changed and these talented business owners are ready to invest in full-on personal brand photo shoots because they recognize the ROI (return on their investment).

2.  Professional Speakers

Professional speakers need great images to submit with their speaker bios.  And, they need something fabulous that helps set them apart from other potential applicants.

A good guidelines for speakers is at least one headshot, a killer lifestyle photo that shows off their personality and a final image showing them actually speaking in front of a group. The more personality they show their audience the more opportunities will arise for them!

3.  Realtors

Realtors are one of my top clients in my local market. Think beyond the typical “realtor headshot” and give these clients the kind of images that they can use on social media.

Remember they are selling more than just homes - they are selling a story to potential buyers about the kind of lifestyle they’d lead moving to in-demand neighborhoods. Marketing to super family friendly zip code with top level schools? Show them at the local ball park or a family friendly burger joint. Are they selling in one of the hip-new neighborhoods with a young artsy crowd? Get a shot of them working at funky coffee shop or even enjoying an after hours cocktail at one of the newest craft beer bars.

Another must, of course, is inside a few of the homes they have listed. If you show them the why and the how realtors can be great long term clients who will come back to shoot several times a year. They can be a consistent source of revenue for you once they see how well their social media images work!


4.  Product Based Businesses

We don’t traditionally think of product based businesses as needing personal branding photos but people want to know the story about the creation of the product - they love to buy from self-made businesses with a story. Who doesn’t love a good underdog story that makes you feel better about you supporting them and their business?

Dig in and learn about how they got started. Did they start making candles at home with their kids dipping the wax, or was their creation a happy accident? Help their potential buyers give them even more reason to support their business and make them come back for more. 


5.  Chefs, Restaurateurs, Healthy Living Experts

 In the world of Instagram worthy pictures this niche is one to get into. These  professionals are growing exponentially and the competition is getting stiff. The public wants to know the person behind their decadent recipes, lavish cocktails and unique ambiance. Photograph them in their element, and give their followers something to talk about. They may be an owner of a few establishments in the city, have a personal chef business, a pastry expert that puts the contestants on The Great British Baking Show to shame, or they specialize in nut free, gluten free, dairy free recipes, these people need you! They not only need amazing photos of their food, but of them too. Photograph them in a beautiful kitchen, sitting at the bar, or even at the local farmers market picking up ingredients! Once they see how these images connect with their audience they’ll keep coming back to you for more!

Remember, as a brand photographer the more value you offer to YOUR potential clients the more business you’ll get. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to who you can photograph and how your expertise can keep them coming back. Once clients see the promotional and financial benefits of keeping you around they’ll have you on speed dial. As a brand photographer you’re MORE than just a photographer. Don’t undermine your abilities. You’re assisting in helping them thrive.

Have a business in your local area that you’d love to work with? Don’t be shy, send them an email or a direct message and offer a solution with your expert photography services :)

Heidi Hapanowicz

Heidi Hapanowicz is a personal branding photographer and visual marketing expert for online entrepreneurs.