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Due to the overwhelming request from photographers to learn more about the Personal Branding niche, 
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 Heidi Hapanowicz presents...

The Business of Branding Photography

A proven, step-by-step system giving you everything you need to become your city’s leading branding photographer


Calling all burned out wedding and family portrait photographers:

I get it.

You’re tired of shooting every weekend, wrangling mahoosive group shots, and endlessly trying to get the page boys to keep their fingers out of the noses.

You’re over dealing with couples that try and knock down your prices, then take months to select their final images and pay the remainder of your fee.

And you’re done with parents who begrudging invest in your services, only to continuously mention how expensive family shoots are, especially when you can get such a-m-a-z-i-n-g shots with a smartphone these days.

When it comes to professional photography, you and I both know that capturing stunning images is often the easiest part.

But dealing with people who don’t value your skills and experience is a sure fire recipe for burnout.

But what if there was a new and different way to work as a professional photographer?

A way that allowed you to work one-on-one with interesting people and charge a premium at the same time?

Good news! There is!

Right now you have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by positioning yourself as the leading branding photographer in your local area, and I’m going to show you how.

Right now, you have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by positioning yourself as the leading branding photographer in your local area, and I’m going to show you how. Though not strictly brand new, branding photography definitively can definitely be filed under the #ifyouknowyouknow hashtag. With images playing a more prominent role in social media marketing than ever, online business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, content creators, and Instagram influencers know and understand the importance of high quality images that “stop the scroll” and inspire engagement from their followers. Not only that, they’re willing to pay good money for stunning images that they don’t have the time, skills, or patience to capture themselves. You see, these men and women are busy, and they know they only have a finite amount of time to deliver their main job, so they understand the importance of hiring professionals and staying in their own lanes. But it’s not just influencers that need images. Twenty years ago, the majority of people worked for corporations, and those companies paid advertising agencies to run their marketing campaigns, and commercial photographers to take, what we now call, traditional headshots. But according to a recent survey, there are over 15 million freelancers in the USA today, and that number is set to almost triple by the end of 2020. Every day, more and more people are faced with the challenge of building a personal brand and establishing an online presence. Only, freelancers and independent business owners no longer want boring, formal headshots taken against a mottled blue-green screen. They want the first images that people see of them on their website and social media profiles to simultaneously show their personality, convey their relevance, and non-verbally communicate what they’d be like to work with. You see, to this new segment of the photography market, getting updated pictures isn’t just a boring chore or an item to be checked off a to do list -- every personal branding image is a marketing asset that stands to generate a significant ROI. The only challenge? Right now, there aren’t nearly enough personal branding photographers to keep up with demand. Every day I receive emails from freelancers all over the world asking me to recommend a personal branding photographer in their local area. In the majority circumstances, I can’t, because nine times out of ten, there’s nobody of note offering personal branding in a 500 mile radius. And this is something I desperately want to change.

praise from pro-photographers


Heidi is a genius when it comes to helping people with their personal branding. Her eye, insight and sheer volume of tips and strategies to get the job done is truly astonishing. I kept finding myself being surprised at the amount of stuff I didn't even know I didn't know. It was like coming around a corner to have a whole new world open up in front of me. Her passion, integrity and enthusiasm are downright infectious. Don't even hesitate to learn from the best in the business. - Anita Watkins, Photographer, London, Ontario


Heidi’s course was incredibly inspiring for me. It has opened up new possibilities for me and gave me a completely new look at my photography business.

-Mascha Powalka, Photographer, Germany


I now have a community (of other photographers who are transitioning into personal branding photography as well) to ask any questions. I could ask Heidi if I was unsure of a new topic that came up, her expertise and reassurance gave me a sense of stability. Since I started to talk about myself as a personal branding photographer, not only my clients but I also take myself more seriously!

- Iza Hegedüs, Photographer, Vienna, Austria - www.izahegedus.com


Heidi’s course helped me see a different perspective on brand sessions and how I can integrate them into my business. Also helped me gain confidence in planning, pricing and marketing my sessions. My favorite part of the course was all of the guest experts she had and the generous amount of time she gave to answering all of our questions.

- Shayna Hardy, Photographer, Baltimore, Maryland - www.shaynahardy.com

redefining brand photography

I created Plan Your Personal Branding Shoot to give you the tools to not only get gorgeous photos for your brand, but also to transform how you see yourself… and how the world sees YOU.

This is more than just another “how to look good course”.  

I'll help you get an inner and outer transformation that renews your confidence, in both yourself and your business, so you’ll feel unstoppable whenever you see your photographs splashed across a webpage.

Whether you’re having a professional photoshoot, getting an impromptu picture taken at a networking event or you're ready to start creating webinars and videos for your business, you won't have to wing it.  

I can teach you tips and tricks that will leave you SO confident you'll be hogging the camera, instead of hiding from it.

If the idea of planning a shoot or hosting webinars for your clients is putting you in an endless cycle of fear then procrastination than this course is for you.  

You’ll finally have an understanding of what works…and what doesn’t work on camera. 

No more wasting money on photos and then ending up disappointed.  

No more lost opportunities because you turned down speaking events you were too shy to attend.

And no more hiding behind your laptop while clients that need your services choose to work with someone else simply because they were more visible.

Four weeks from now you could be confidently engaging with new clients, growing your business, and watching your bank balance rise.

Are you in?


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