The Business of Brand Photography
Live Workshop for Photographers
October 11th to 13th in Tampa, Florida


I’m opening up the doors to my business! No topic is off limit! We’ll spend one day on next level biz and marketing techniques and one day on client experience - shooting REAL clients in a variety of locations. Lots of surprises thrown in!

Who is it for? Pro Photographers who want to grow (or transition to) a personal branding photography model.

What? A weekend packed full of business lessons, strategy AND shoots with REAL branding clients so you can grow your portfolio! 

One full day of business strategy and tips!

One full day of shooting real brand clients and portfolio building!

When? Friday October 11th to Sunday October 13th.

Where? Tampa, Florida (home of the world's easiest airport!)

Cost?  $1,999

Under the professional guidance of Heidi we talked about every aspect of our businesses and discussed how we can provide the best experience possible to our customers. ⁣⁣
I feel pumped and enthusiastic to make the next steps and create amazing brand stories via photography for my future clients. ⁣⁣
— Iza Hegedus, Vienna, Austria

My heart is so full after spending the weekend with these 5 gorgeous and incredibly talented women.
We bonded over photography and our love of growing our own personal branding businesses.

We spent a full day digging deep into learning and the entire next day shooting and sharing our expertise and areas of opportunity with each other. It was inspiring and thought provoking. I’m so humbled.
— Jama Finney, Lousiville, KY
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““Heidi is a genius when it comes to helping people with their personal branding. Her eye, insight and sheer volume of tips and strategies to get the job done is truly astonishing. I kept finding myself being surprised at the amount of stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It was like coming around a corner to have a whole new world open up in front of me. Her passion, integrity and enthusiasm are downright infectious. Don’t even hesitate to learn from the best in the business. ”
— Anita Watkins, London, Ontario
Attending Heidi’s workshop was mind blowing! I learned so much in such a short amount of time - especially about what it means (AND how to) sell online. It was a serious epiphany for me - to learn that my website should not just be somewhere potential clients go to see my work, but that my website should be a sales tool. And about how linking everything from social media to google to my blog to my newsletter should all funnel back to and through the website. I learned more about seo and the importance of tags and how to use key words that people are actually searching for. In short, Heidi taught me how to be found online by my ideal clients. And that is gold. A firm believer in an abundance mindset, Heidi is a fountain of information which she shared freely. And she’s so giving, in fact, that she spent some extra one-on-one time with me just to go through my website and help me add in an email opt-in. I am in such gratitude for the attention and knowledge that she gave us. We also had a portfolio shooting day with several real clients, with hair and makeup, wardrobe, and beautiful locations. This was amazing!! A real up level for my branding portfolio. All in all, I highly recommend Heidi’s workshops. And I really did learn so much that I took my bra off!!! Which is something I actually did and said at the workshop. Thank you, Heidi!!!
— Carrie Roseman, Photographer - Mystic, CT

Behind the Scenes Pics from our last workshop!

Iza soaking up the sun at our beach photoshoot!
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Personal Branding Jama Finney Photography Heidi Hapanowitz Workshop April 2019 (16 of 25).jpg



Will we be able to use images from the workshop in our portfolios?

Yes! That’s exactly why I’m curating a variety of different business owners (all REAL clients) so that you can build your brand portfolio AND use it to book new clients.

An attendee from our last workshop booked a new personal brand client the very first week she was home using portfolio images she shot with us! Brand clients want to see that you’re comfortable photographing entrepreneurs like them.

Think of it this way - Would you hire a wedding photographer who didn’t have any wedding images to show you?

I’ve had a wedding and family business for years but would love to transition to brand photography! Is this the right fit for me?

Yes! It was MADE for people like you. Finding and booking branding clients is very different than brides or families - you need to know their language, their unique needs, so you can cater this to unique market.

Is Personal Brand Photography really such a hot market?

Absolutely! And here’s why….

Twenty years ago, the majority of people worked for corporations, and those companies paid advertising agencies to run their marketing campaigns, and commercial photographers to take, what we now call, traditional headshots.

According to a recent survey, there are over 15 million freelancers in the USA today, and that number is set to almost triple by the end of 2020. Every day, more and more people are faced with the challenge of building a personal brand and establishing an online presence.

Only, freelancers and independent business owners no longer want boring, formal headshots taken against a mottled blue-green screen. They want the first images that people see of them on their website and social media profiles to simultaneously show their personality, convey their relevance, and non-verbally communicate what they’d be like to work with.

You see, to this new segment of the photography market, getting updated pictures isn’t just a boring chore or an item to be checked off a to do list -- every personal branding image is a marketing asset that stands to generate a significant ROI.

The only challenge?

Right now, there aren’t nearly enough personal branding photographers to keep up with demand. Every day I receive emails from freelancers all over the world asking me to recommend a personal branding photographer in their local area. In the majority circumstances, I can’t, because nine times out of ten, there’s nobody of note offering personal branding in a 500 mile radius.

Does this price include lodging?

No. This only cover the workshop, two meals a day plus all sorts of delicious snacks + drinks! I’m putting together some airbnb options so you can share with other attendees at a very reasonable cost. If you prefer more privacy there are unlimited hotels nearby!




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