Building your business while still taking care of your family which hasn’t left much time for anything else.


Self-care has taken a back burner so the last thing you want to do right now is jump in front of a camera

With so much on your plate - some days you don’t even have time to shower.

Or maybe you’re naturally an introvert and avoid cameras (and people) as much as you possibly can.

Perhaps the closest you’ve gotten to an in-person interaction with someone this week is the drive-thru barista at Starbucks - and you know that can’t be good for business.

Deep down you know the way to grow your business is to become more visible, but you keep procrastinating with never-ending tasks while takes a back burner.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, and the idea of piling on another role - that of a smooth, camera confident business babe feels forced and inauthentic - maybe even downright scary. 

I'm here to help.